The Clutch of Evil

I decided to start posting my the adventures I’ve planned and run for my players so others can use them in their adventures! I’ve left them quite open so they can be converted quite easily! I’ll possibly update these later with any unique monsters or NPCs I choose to use!

The Clutch of Evil

A clutch of Abyssal dragon eggs, summoned by the Cult of the Dragon, crash into the High Forest.

Adventure synopsis

The Fey’ri, in an attempt to cause wanton destruction in the High Forest, have tricked the Cult of the Dragon into summoning three dragon eggs from the Abyss against the mother’s will. However, even more chaos ensues, as Vha’ekar, a fire genasi priest of Talos, receives a vision of the three eggs and mobilises his followers to retrieve the eggs. However, the eggs also plummet into orc territory, leading the orcs to attempt to seize it as well.


The adventurers spot the plummeting three eggs during the night. Presumably, three meteors crashing to the ground is something they would bother investigating.


Character concept: Fanatical fire-worshipping fire genasi
Classes: Druid/Elemental Druid/Dracolyte
Player goal: NPC
Character motivation: Destruction, revenge on people
Character personality: Impulsive, quick to anger, intelligent.
Campaign tags:
Plot hooks:

Vha’ekar was driven out of his village for supposedly being demonspawn. He was taken in by a Talosian druid, who raised him. Later, the Talosian priest was killed by a local noble’s armsmen for worshipping Talos, which was illegal. The young Vha’ekar then fled to the High Forest, where he later received a vision…

Stage One

The adventurers come across the battlefield in the forest, where the three eggs fell. The different factions are fighting over the three, and each faction will recover one each.

Stage Two

The adventurers go about recovering the eggs, choosing to break or keep them. Each egg is jet black, but seems to be glowing red from the inside.

Stage Three

Mummy turns up and starts tearing up the High Forest, but who can stop her?

Mummy turns up.


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