What have I been up to? #1

I’ve recently been keen on painting some of my old miniatures from the 90’s. Sadly, most of them have been given away to flea markets while I was abroad, but I’ve still a lot of Dark Elves, a fair amount of Orcs, High Elves, some Bretonnians, and some Lizardmen. I’ve also wanted to repaint my first CSM squad – their colour scheme for my Alpha Legion has changed, so they look out of place in addition to being poorly painted. I also received a limited edition metal Dark Angel from Wartrader, and as he was clotted with so much white paint all detail was lost, I dug out the paint stripper and and stuffed them all in the jar!

Fabius Bile’s scrub tank

I’ve included a few photos of the pre-scrub and post-scrub miniatures as well!

90’s Orc Shaman, Skink Champion, and High Elf Swordmaster.

The two that have been repainted so far, two more plasma gunners incoming.

I haven’t decided any painting schemes yet, but I’m wondering if I’ll paint my High Elves and Dark Elves the same colour. Lizardmen will be vibrant, and the Orcs… No idea yet, though I kinda want to build a Savage Orc/Forest Goblin army, so likely to be colourful as well.

I’ve also done a bit of work on my Lost and the Damned force; here’s almost a full squad of Renegade Guardsmen and their Rogue Psyker (who still needs based)! This force also includes my first attempt at painting black skin tones (Mournfang Brown, Nuln Oil, highlight with Skrag Brown)!

This weekend I’m going to see if I can get some headway on my next 5 Alpha Legionnaires from the MKIV FW minis I have. I somehow lost two metal GW Alpha Legion shoulder pads, leaving me two short for the 10-man squad, but they’re sold out. I’m currently trying to get my American cousin to ship me a bunch, because they’re not sold out in the US for some reason.

I’m also trying to get some more of my CSA-inspired Imperial Guard done, but I’m more keen on completing more Alpha Legionnaires and Lost and the Damned Guardsmen for now!


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