Steam summer sale!

Oh, it’s that time of the year again, when money flies out the wallet and into Gaben’s pockets. This year I haven’t bought anything, mostly because I’ve got the games I want, and the few games I do want haven’t reached my 66% sale threshold (Witcher III, Shadow of Mordor) or they’re not out yet (XCOM 2). I won’t do a review of the games; there are hundreds of reviews out there, but I’ll give them a short recommendation!

Remembrancer depiction of Saint Gaben.

However, I thought I’d compile a wee list of games, that while well-known to more interested gamers, aren’t as well known to more casual gamers due to their age.

Victoria 2: Fantastic epic strategy game from Paradox. It starts in 1836 and lasts until 1935. The game Empire: TW wishes it was. While Victoria 2 does have multiplayer issues, there is a massive mod support there for this game. While the game may seem daunting at first, it is not as difficult as you’d think! If you feel like it’s time Norway conquers parts of Morocco, Colombia, the Middle East, and Siam before intervening on the side of the CSA in the American Civil War on their way to world domination, this game is for what-if historians!

For people who enjoy Total War games, grand strategy.

‘Murrica is a real country now! Oh, and Pennsylvania is Confederate.

Mount & Blade: Warband: A great mediaeval sandbox RPG from TaleWorlds, published by Paradox. You gather a warband, consisting first of a few conscripts, then gradually work your way up in the world through trading, mercenary work and personal combat. Its combat is very similar to Skyrim, but a million times better.The graphics are dated, but still very enjoyable. Huge mod support for it extends its shelf life.

For people who enjoy Elder Scrolls games, RPGs, sandboxes.

Arrow to the knee? Try axe to head!

Vampire; The Masquerade: Bloodlines: This RPG gem from White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting is still amazingly fun! Fantastic characters, voices in your head whispering advice, good gameplay (if buggy), great atmosphere, very entertaining story, and awarding-winning levels (once you go to the hotel basement, you’ll get it)! Not often I’ll say it, but the game actually deals with more mature topics in a surprisingly good way!

For people who like RPGs, vampires, dark games.

This appeals to the velvet-clad philistine in me.

XCOM: The newest game on my list, the remake of the early 90’s classic retains the feel, the turn-based strategy and base-building of the old one! Get it with the expansion pack Enemy Within, and you’ll have hours and hours of frustratingly good fun! There’s also a fantastic mod out there for it, the Long War mod.

For people who like strategy games, squad-based games like Republic commando.

Right in the feels…

Thought of the day: I wish my power armour helmet had a nose scratcher.


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